Объявления Ванино #7

объявления в Ванино
объявления в Ванино


2-комн. меблированную квартиру в п. Ванино; гараж большой с двумя воротами в ГСК-8.

Тел. 8-914-174-81-87.

* * *

две 2-комн. квартиры в Ванино. Тел. 8-914-774-76-49.

* * *

2-комн. квартиру по ул. 10 Пятилетки (5 этаж) за 950 тыс.

руб. Тел. 8-914-317-13-99.

* * *

2-комн. квартиру в п. Лососина по ул. Луначарского, д. 3. Косметический ремонт. Недорого. Тел. 8-914-772-57-69.

* * *

2-комн. квартиру в центре Ванино (светлая, тёплая).

Тел. 8-914-174-80-05.

* * *

2-комн. квартиру в п. Октябрьском. Тел. 8-962-289-

84-78, 8-914-216-31-69.

* * *

ИЛИ СДАМ на длительный срок 2-комн. квартиру (40,4 кв. м) по Первой линии, д.

11. Тел. 8-914-179-84-47.

* * *

3-комн. квартиру по ул. Молодёжной, д. 4. С ремонтом, лоджия 6 м, тёплая, газ, гор. вода, 2 этаж, не угловая. Тел. 8-914-772-57-69.

3-комн. квартиру по Первой линии, Д. 2 (гор. вода, газ, 3 этаж, ремонт).

Тел. 8-999-086-19-28.

* * *

3-комн. квартиру в кирпичном доме по линии. Большая застеклённая лоджия, первый высокий этаж, угловая, стеклопакеты, совмещённые ванная и туалет, круглогодичная горячая вода, телефон, Интернет, приличные соседи, чистый подъезд. Рядом школа, детские сады, почта, центральная площадь. Идеально подходит под офис и др. Тел. 8-914-172-38-16.

КУПЛЮ в Ванино:

1-комн. квартиру в Ванино, 1-й этаж не предлагать.

Тел. 8-914-179-80-48.

МЕНЯЮ в Ванино:

3-комн. квартиру на ст. Токи, д. 1 на 1-комн. квартиру или дом («финский», Сортировка). Тел. 8-914-189-66-58.

СДАЁМ в Ванино:

комнату в общежитии по ул. Чехова, д. 5.

Тел. 8-929-406-53-07.

ПРОДАЁМ в Ванино:

«Митсубиси-ЕК Вагон» 2012 г., 4 ВД. Тел. 8-914-179-92-02.

* * *

4 колеса 215/80/15 зима с дисками литьё.

Тел. 8-924-918-61-81.

КУПЛЮ в Ванино:

авто после ДТП или неисправный. Тел. 8-924-105-45-56.

РАЗНОЕ в Ванино:

Утерянный военный билет АХ №0928328 т на имя Родичкин Иван Игоревич считать недействительным.

* * *

Аттестат Б 3246703, выданный МОУ СОШ п. Октябрьского 26 июня 2005 года на имя Нос Ольга Викторовна, считать недействительным.

Аттестат, выданный текинской школой в 2011 году на имя Фирсанов Сергей Владимирович, считать недействительным.

* * *

Утерянный диплом Б №061867 регистрационный номер 1355, выданный Волгодонским СПТУ в 1987 году на имя Ковалевой Галины Анатольевны, считатьнедействительным.

* * *

Утерянный военный билет АХ 082 0653, выданный военным комиссариатом Ва-нинского района 30.06.2010 года на имя Поспелов Денис Александрович, считать недействительным.

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One thought on “Объявления Ванино #7

  1. Why Lexus, Infiniti and Acura cannot be considered premium brands. Disputes about which of the premium car brands, and what — not, fierce, endless and fruitless. And, characteristically, spears in most cases, break down on the Japanese brands. And those who fully recognizes their right to membership in this elite club, far less than opponents of this view. In those blessed days, when there was the birth of the state, occupying the status of individuals was determined in two ways — nobility and status. Thus precedence was exactly gentility: the richest merchant to rundown the aristocrats in terms of honor, respect, and social significance was as the moon walk.
    People tend to extrapolate the usual rules of the game to all new areas of the automotive world here was no exception. Of course, any comparison is lame, but the car classes can hardly be likened to the merchants Guild. The merchant was estimated by the weight of his wallet and scale of trading operations. Car dimensions, size of wheel base, type and volume of engines and equipment. With all the internal inferiority and inconsistency of this classification, imposed by the European economic Commission, it still relies on tangible criteria and allows, with some degree of confidence attributed to a particular model, say, the business class (E) or Lux (F).
    But a clear definition of «premium», which is a negligible sumnyashesya also considered to be one of the classes does not exist. In fact it means only «purebred» brand. So undeniably aristocratic BMW 5-series peacefully coexists within the business class next to an absolute commoner Geely Emgrand GT.
    In fact «premium» — feature is very conditional and subjective. However, some criteria still identify you on the basis of the etymology of the term — praemium in Latin means «advantage, the difference.» First, it is the technical perfection of the car design and its components, providing ergonomics and superior ride quality. Second, the unique aspect that sharply distinguishes the brand from the total number.
    And third, most importantly — a name. The name that fascinates and makes a sweet whining heart. The name carried through the decades and have not lost ties with the origins. The name inscribed in world history and culture. The name, in due time gave birth to the myth, and the myth that is now powering the name. Year after year, model for model — hard work, talent engineers and designers supported the glitter name and the inviolability of myth. Of course, for the Europeans fully corresponds to these criteria a large German trio — BMW and Mercedes-Benz with their a hundred years of history, as well as Audi, illumined by the gleams of the glory of the legendary Auto Union. Unique? Please. Bavarians claim to mind-blowing handling, stuttgarti — in unmatched comfort. With signalstate really things worse — its zest, they by and large have not yet found. The Americans have their own idols — in particular, the manufacturer of cars for the presidential Cadillac, founded in the early XX century.
    At first glance it seems that all of this — the naked snobbery. However, there is, belonging to the «premium» gives quite substantial dividends, allowing you to significantly raise prices. So, the price of liftback Skoda Superb belonging to the class E, starts from 1 300 000 rubles, and for a small hatch BMW 1-series related to the C-class, will have to pay a minimum of 1 520 000 rubles.
    The freebie is incredibly attractive, resist it hard. Here are the Japanese, for example, could not resist. What technical perfection can be found in, say, retouched on the American way of Toyota, haphazardly stuffed with expensive options? What a fascinating myth or magic name, you can say if the Lexus brand invented thirty years ago by the advertising Agency Saatchi&Saatchi and consulting firm Lippincott&Margulies for purely marketing purposes?
    For cars, not number of high-profile sports victories, they are not owned by the kings and Princess. They hit the style, capacity or innovative technologies. Machines of this self-proclaimed «Premial» can be and are reliable, but show very mediocre dynamics, strained growl of the engine and are of brutal appetite. As for technological advances, we remind: the first turbo engine came from Lexus not so long ago — on the crossover NX. And what ended the attempt to create a competitor to 5 series to the Lexus GS? And the rival E-class as the ES? That’s it, failure. No wonder — the philosophy of the brand reflects only the desire of Toyota to bite off market share from Daimler-Benz, which failed in the 80-ies sufficiently to Woo American buyers. Experience selling virtually the same cars but under a different emblem and much more than would buy Handicrafts under the inexpressive name «Toyota» in America was considered a success. And technique immediately disseminated throughout the world.
    The same — with a few adjustments, of course — can be said about other Japanese brands, which is the fruit of the desire with minimal development to maximize profits «for the prestige». Acura, selling turned Honda, like Infiniti, which is a slightly enhanced Nissan, have worked on a similar scheme. However, it is worth to mention — the basis for the Q30 and QX30 is based on the platform of the Mercedes-Benz GLA, but not any of the Nissan models. However, this fact does not change. Bad example is contagious for Japanese manufacturers catch up with the Koreans. Burned on separatist attempts to infiltrate the premium models of Hyundai Equus and KIA Quoris, they have created in the past year your premium brand Genesis.
    …I am far from thinking to imagine a big German Troika unquestioned ideal. Their cars, as well-born «Americans,» not without serious flaws. Moreover, every year they are increasingly losing in quality and reliability — the principle of disposability of the cars and above them, won a decisive victory.
    But this is no reason to assume that in the exclusive premium club is now an open road to imposter. Quite the contrary — the trend of recent years mean that the logical reason for the existence of the club.

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